In pickup place you can add the pickup places you can have available for your customers to select from in your online booking engine.

There are three options to allow the customer to add pickup to their bookings in the online booking engines.

One of those three is to upload a list of pickup places and offer the customer a drop down list of places to select from. The other two are to offer a text field where the customer can write his hotel and to offer both a list and text field. Here you can find more information on the 2 other options.

To offer the option of a drop down list with pickup places, you have to upload a list of your pickup places, or manually add each place.

To upload a list of pickup places Navigate to "Products" > "Pickup places".

On the Pickup place pages, there are two options.

  1. One is to manually add pickup places.
  2. Two is to upload an excel file with pickup places.

Option one, to manually add pickup places

Select "Add" by pickup places.

Title: add the name of the pickup location.

Ask for number: if you would like to ask the customer for a room number, select this option.

Flags: Flags are used to group pickup places. E.g. if you company offers activities at two locations, Akueyri and Reykjavík. For the activities you offer in Akureyri you only pickup in Akureyri and for the activities you offer in Reykjavík you only pick up in Reykjavík.

To group the pickup places, by adding flags, allows you select which pickup locations to show per each product. When you add/edit the pick up location on your products, you can add the relevant flag to select what pickup places should be related to this particular product. On this link you can find more detailed information on how to edit pickup on your products.

Option two, to upload a list of pickup places

To upload a list of pickup places select "Import from file"

You can upload and excel file and the template you have to use is shown at the top of the screen. The only column that is mandatory is the first column "My hotel", the other columns are optional.

The columns available in the template:

  • Column 1: My hotel -> The name of the Hotel, e.g. Hotel Happy Summer
  • Column 2: Flag1, flag2 -> if you are using flags to be able to manage which pickup place is available per product, add you flags in the second column. If more than one flag separate with a comma.
  • Column 3: 54 Some street -> Add the street address.
  • Column 4: 123 -> Add the street number
  • Column 5: Some City -> Add the city
  • Column 6: IS -> Add the country short code
  • Column 7: 123.456 -> Add the geo location of the pickup place - Latitude
  • Column 8: 345.678 -> Add the geo location of the pickup place - Longitude
  • Column 9: True/false -> Ask for room number. Add True, if you would like to ask for the room number.

When you have your excel file ready and save, select "Choose File" and add your locations.

When you save the file, the system gives you a preview of the pickup locations that you have to confirm, before the list is added.

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