Please Note: If your products have not been uploaded by the Bokun team already please contact us trough the chat function in Bokun and send us your Viator Supplier ID and/or Viator Product Code of one of your products if you are listed on Viator.

When the products have been added to your account you need to add Prices and Availability to each Tour & Activity.

Step 1 : Adding Price to Your Products
This is done by opening your product settings by going to Products - Tours & Activities. 

How to add Prices
After opening the product click on the Pricing Tab and insert the price and click on Save Prices.

Here are common issues related to pricing and instructions on how to fix them.

The correct pricing category is not on the product.
The correct currency is not listed.

Step 2 : How to add Availability
Click on the Availability Tab and select Actions and Set Availability for a date range. 

Then select the Maximum number of Passengers and minimum aswell as defining for which period this should be for.

On the picture above I'm setting the availability to 10 Passengers on every day for 2018.
On the picture below I'm setting the availability to 2 Passengers on Fridays in October for 2018.

Here are common issues when getting started and how to resolve them
The start time is wrong or I need more start times

When you have added your availability to the product you are ready to take the next steps in using Bokun.
You can click on the articles below or contact us trough the chat function in Bokun and ask us for assistance in the next steps. 

OTA connection
Find resellers on the marketplace
Setup your Online Booking Engine

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