Bókun has a live integration with GetYourGuide.

What a live integration means is when a customer is on www.getyourguide.com looking at your products, GetYourGuide. shows availability directly from your Bókun account, and books according to you live availability.

When a booking is created on GetYourGuide, the booking is delivered directly to your Bókun account and appears on all your passenger and pickup lists.

The first thing to do is to signup with GetYourGuide (if you haven´t done that already) so that you can get the integration information from you GetYourGuide Account.

The first thing to do is to sign up with GetYourGuide Once you have an account with GetYourGuide, the integration can be created.

Setting up the integration in Bókun

You start by selecting "Contracts" on the top bar, then you select "Online Travel Agencies OTA's" from the drop down list. 

Select "Sell through this channel" by GetYourGuide to create the integration to GetYourGuide.

Fill in the fields below and make sure you check  Check the "Active" option.

Save so you wont loose your data. 

When you save your products will be available to GetYourGuide. 

What happens next? 

GetYourGuide will be in touch with you and provide you with a mapping sheet. Mapping sheet is a document where you fill in the tours you would like to have available for GetYourGuide. 

In this document you have to add from Bókun. Keep in mind there might be more information GetYourGuide asks for: 

  • Tour ID - products id number in Bókun. You find this number by selecting "Products -> Tours & Activities in Bókun: 
  • Tour Title 
  • Tour Option Title - These are the product rates. Not that only the default rate is sent to GYG from Bókun. 

  • Bokun cut off time. The cut off time that you have added to your product in Bókun. Note that the minimum cutoff GetYourGuide accepts is 10 hours. 

What do I need to do when I add a new product in Bókun or GetYourGuide? 

If you add new products to Bokun. There are three steps you need to complete: 

  1. Create the products in both systems
  2. Add the product to the list of products that you want to have available for GetYourGuide.
  3. Contact your account manager at GetYourGuide and let them know you added a new product that they need to map for you. 

The first thing you need to do is to create the new product both in Bokun and GetYourGuide.  Here are information on how you add new products in Bokun.

The second step is to add the product to the list of products that are available to GetYourGuide in Bokun.

In Bokun you select in "marketplace contract terms" which products are available for the GetYourGuide channel. When you create a new product it is not selected by default, you have to add it manually. 

To do that start by selecting "Contracts" from the top bar, then you select  "Contract Terms" from the drop down list: 

Select the GetYourGuide contract terms from the list of your contract terms: 

Go to the "Product Selection" tab and add the missing product to the list of selected products for GetYourGuide. You add the products by selecting the plus sign in front of the product on the left hand side of the screen: 

When the product is selected it goes to the selected product list on the left hand side of the screen. To save the changes go back to the "Terms" tab and save your changes: 

Now your new product is available for mapping on GetYourGuide. The third step is to contact your account manager atGetYourGuide and they will complete the integration for you.  

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